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PSYCHOPRISM - April 11, 2013

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Psychoprism: http://www.facebook.com/Psychoprism
Supporting U.D.O. (The original voice of ACCEPT)

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  • farther time Added the 80's called...............
  • PsyK Added Thanks for your opinion. Can I pay you to jump off a cliff too?
  • Your name Added The Singer SUCKS ASS! You would have to pay me to watch this crap and then I would still resist.
  • PsyK Added Thanks for voicing your deeply constructive opinion with great wisdom and spelling prowess!
  • awful Added I must say this is absolutely awful.
  • Psycho Voice Added A fine thank you to all the wonderful people keeping our views here at Poughkeepsiemetal alive and well. We will never forget that night. Recently, we released our 4 song EP "Trailer" on BraveWords & BloodyKnuckles as we are currently 1/2 done our first recording process, which is going insanely well. Please Enjoy our video clip, and we hope to see you all soon! Long Live Metal!!! http://www.bravewords.com/news/209175
  • Tina Added great job Phychoprism!!
  • Susan Added Great job!
  • Julia Added I remember these guys, I was in the back with my boyfriend, and this band announces It's their first show ever, then they smash the place like they were headlining a stadium! Then they announce at a part in one of the songs that goes quiet "Free shirts after the show" and they gave out like 50! And hang out watching the rest of the bands. We were trying to figure out the whole night who they really were, we came to the conclusion after asking other people who didn't know either, they were actually a brand new band! Tons of respect fellas! See you again for sure!
  • Liz Added Great job!! Will have to make a trip from PA, unless you will be down in this area :)
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